Our mission is to focus marketing and sales teams on what matters most

History proves teams that systematically focus on data-driven, high value accounts are wildly successful. We've created the Lift Intelligence Platform. It's a revenue focus engine built directly in Salesforce empowering teams to crush their numbers!


Our Team

Ben Sorensen


Engineering | Salesforce | Support

Shane Johnson


Product | Data Science | Success

Sidni Taylor


Strategy | Partners | Investors

Teresa Liu

SVP of Operations

Marketing | Sales | Finance

Justin Larsen

Head of Platform

Security | Automation | Data

Paul Jolley

Head of Engineering

Architecture | Salesforce | Integrations

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an experience where teams will know how to focus throughout their day. It goes beyond traditional actionable insights, and it enables teams to communicate and execute internally. It will become the source of truth for customer intelligence and the catalyst to closing deals.

Our goal is to fundamentally change the speed and precision with which teams operate. We will transition teams from chasing down historical dashboards to leveraging predictive insights closing more, higher value deals.



Our Values


Growth Minded

Committed to Excellence

Our Story

Shane Johnson

Shane created LiftIQ to help teams focus on what matters most. Prior to founding LiftIQ, Shane worked with and led teams within business intelligence, product management, marketing operations and sales operations at top tech companies such as Adobe, Qualtrics and Pluralsight. He experienced firsthand the technical challenges and the significant time-to-market in orchestrating business analytics, operational best practices and Salesforce development. He saw brilliant tools built outside of Salesforce lacking adoption by sales teams. This led him to developing a sophisticated platform that is simple to use, frictionless to adopt and easy to deploy.

Shane is passionate about teams lifting revenue by consistently focusing on the highest value prospects and customers directly in Salesforce! He is committed to demystifying AI and building intuitive insight that all teams can use. His depth of experience in Product Management, Sales Operations and Predictive Analytics enables him to create meaningful experiences relevant for sales and marketing leaders, sales reps, sales operations and business analysts.

Shane holds an MS in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Brigham Young University.

Ben Sorensen

Ben became a software engineer out of a passion to build solutions that make people’s lives better. When approached to be a part of building LiftIQ, it was an easy decision.  LiftIQ falls right in line with that — to create a platform that will help sales teams thrive.

Ben prides himself on creating simple, easy to use applications by applying principles of UX design and strong architecture.  He also feeds his hunger to grow as a developer by staying on the forefront of the latest and best technologies.  Ben has innovated and architected LiftIQ using fast and scalable technologies. The Lift Intelligence Platform is built with simplicity in mind without sacrificing the intelligence that drives it behind the scenes.

Before LiftIQ, Ben started out as a Front-End developer working for well respected companies like Overstock.com and Zions Bancorporation. As a Front-End developer he learned to create elegant and sophisticated user experiences.  His desire to build applications from the ground up lead him beyond front-end into becoming a full-stack developer. As a full-stack developer and entrepreneur, Ben has been the keystone in building and managing several projects for his own companies, large corporations and small startups.